Formal requirements


Papers have to comply with the requirements for academic works.

Manuscripts have to be written with Microsoft Word - or a word processor which is entirely compatible with that -, use Times New Roman lettering (font size 12), simple line spacing, full justification.

Leave a margin of 2,5 cm all four sides.

Table captions should always be positioned above the tables, in the middle, bold, its source has to be put below the table, setting to the left margin of the tables. The title of the figures has to be written below the figure, in the middle, bold, its source has to be put below its title, in the middle. Headings should be numbered and referred in the text.

There is no need to include page numbers or running heads.

Literature citation has to follow the APA citation style. See also:

In the text, citation has to be used in accordance with the Harvard notation. The citation of the sources of the figures and tables also has to follow it too.

The length of the articles to be published should not exceed a total of 40 000 characters.

The obligatory structure of the articles:
- Title, below the authors – name, institution, assignment, e-mail address in the footnote.
- Hungarian abstract (maximum of 150 words) and maximum of 6 keywords
- English abstract (maximum of 150 words) and maximum of 6 keywords
- In the case of German papers, German abstract and keywords are also needed
- Introduction, purposes
- Initiation of the topic, presentation and evaluation of the related literature
- Applied scientific methods
- Treatment of the subject/research results
- Conclusion/Summary
- Bibliography

Keywords are required.

The length of a book review must not exceed a maximum of 2000 words. After the title of the reviewed work and the name of the author, all the bibliographic data of the reviewed book or issue have to be given.

Following this link, you can see an example for the structure of the first page.